Provide the healthy and proven outlet of physical fitness for veterans dealing with symptoms of PTSD and depression

We’ve all heard the horror stories of veterans being put on hold when calling the veteran crisis hotline, stories of veterans waiting months and years to receive the treatment promised them, and the tens of thousands whose lives spiral out of control and end up homeless, many times all resulting in the veteran giving up hope and taking their own life. For us, this is unacceptable.


We Aren’t Like Other Organizations

There are two ways in which a veteran can receive benefits. They can join a chapter and receive up to $499 annual reimbursements to engage in physical fitness activity or become a subscriber and access discounts exclusive to Task Force 20 veterans.


We’ve Got Your Six

Task Force 20 is a team of veterans dedicated to the funding of physical fitness activity within the veteran community to combat symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. Why the name? By definition, a task force is a group of individuals assembled in order to complete a mission; 20 representing the number of veterans succumbing to suicide daily.



Support – Volunteer – Donate

Every donation to Task Force 20 is one step closer to providing veterans with the gift of physical and mental health, less reliance on pills and treatment from the VA, and the ability to be surrounded by brothers and sisters in arms who understand the issues they face. Together, we can provide the assistance needed in a positive atmosphere and provide a healthy and proven outlet in dealing with PTSD and depression in our nation’s veterans.

Make A One Time Donation

Donations from outside the organization are restricted at no less than 75% directly benefiting the veterans in our programs and services.