Why I Support Task Force 20

By David Gedman

Why do I support Task Force 20?

First, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am an 11 year Army vet. I spent my time as an artilleryman and a Blackhawk mechanic. I made sure to visit all of the worst places in the world before my tour was up. When I got out in 2010, I had a great support system at home, plus all of my old buddies on social media. I feel like I did what many people do when they aren’t forced to get up every morning and do PT, I did nothing. I worked, I went to school and got my degree, but I never worked out.


After being out for about 5 years, and gaining about 30 pounds, I started thinking that it may be time to make a change. With the inspiration watching Jason Graven’s fitness journey on Facebook, and his support when he would come home to Northwest Ohio for a visit, I started to get it together. I started by watching my diet. Garbage in, garbage out is about as true of a statement as has ever been said. Then I started hitting the local YMCA. Jason put me onto a program, and I haven’t looked back. I look better, and I feel better.

So why TF20? The main thing is vets helping vets. We all know about the numbers of vets who take their own lives every day, and it’s a very sad statistic, but what is anyone really doing about it? We can talk about it, and pay it lip service, but what is anybody really doing? TF20 provides an opportunity to add a healthy outlet for veterans to spend their time.  It offers a chance to be around other vets and improve themselves while also improving their community. TF20 is not just physical fitness. TF20 is about self-empowerment, and its about self-confidence. It is about being provided the tools and the means to get back on the horse, regardless of the level you are starting out at, and having the structure and the knowledge to not “go-it-alone.”

The T-shirts are dope, don’t get me wrong, but helping veterans get healthy, and feel better about themselves, is what it’s really about. I have a great support system at home, but I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am, and I want them to know that there is a way to feel better about yourself. Get fit. I can’t believe how much better I feel since I’ve begun my journey, and I want others to get onboard. So let’s support each other, let’s support Task Force 20, and let’s take care of each other, while taking  better care of ourselves.